About Julie

Stuff about me that you may or may not want to know:

I can make great frog noises

I love almond cookies…and am able to eat more than my fair share if no one is looking.

I sing so badly that my own children have asked me to stop…and in some cases while crying.

I was once bitten by a squirrel..yet continue to feed them anyway.

If I could be any animal, I would be a lemur because they always look so happy.

I find it close to impossible to find a good pizza…and I live in NY!

I won’t swim in the ocean because I’m afraid of jelly fish.

I flew in a C-14 to England from Germany and didn’t throw up once!

I flew to Denver and threw up the entire way.

I love polka music to the chagrin of my family.

I drink way too much coffee…way too much coffee….




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